June 1, 2016 The Hague, NL

In the end all that counts is the feeling of freedom to create. To build something from scratch. And to be able to be part and proud of such thing. 

 Experiencing the energy that comes loose when these three guys are picking up their instruments, is one of the most magical things about Lukewarm Ocean. It could happen on stage, in a living room or in the studio, it will always be as if they’ve started a conversation by hitting the first notes. Through making music they have found a way to communicate with each other and the audience. Dragging their attendance with them into a rock 'n roll filled ocean. They can hit if off with the toughest songs, letting glasses shake on tables. But can also surprise you with high technical, instrumental and mellow intermezzo’s. 

The three of them are strongly connected. Like brothers. What is actually true for the drummer and bassist. But it is the joy they share that truly makes them strong. Together they have survived false promises, came this far by staying together and always have been protecting that what’s been created. With the biggest respect they treat their songs, also by being incredibly critical. 

 But let’s wrap up all the talking and let them play some music! 


Guitar, vocals / Mike Eelkema
Bass, vocals / Thijs den Dulk
Drums, vocals / Charlie den Dulk